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A Mini Guide About Choosing The Right Font For Your Website

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What are web fonts? Why are they so significant in web and mobile design? What are the important factors that affect them? How the web fonts have evolved with time? Do they have any impact on web users viewing your website? There are many questions that we as the leading web development company in India have been asked by our clientele. Let’s answer some questions about web fonts before switching to the best GOOGLE fonts you can use for your website.

What are web fonts?

If you even have a little know-how of computers, you probably are aware of the already installed web-safe system fonts like Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial, etc. So when you instruct your device to use one of the system fonts, it will cater to that need and display the same without any problem. But when it comes to web designing and development, the professionals need to create a design or let’s say customize the fonts that might not be installed on the devices. If it’s not installed on the device there are chances that your computer might not display it. And if that happened you lose all the efforts you put in while designing and branding your site.

So as the web designers, when we want to use some custom fonts that aren’t already installed on devices, we can access it via a server which hosts its file. From that server, the web developers and designers can easily get the fonts, even load it into the browser and can be viewed in adherence to how designers intend them to be viewed.

So now when you are updated with what web fonts are, it’s time to know why they are s significant part of web designing.

Why FONTS are so significant in the web and designing?

  • They are one important medium of communication:

There are business websites from different industries. While some are related to some more serious matters like finance and management, other like that of art or of fashion industry eludes more casual vibes. So when you visit a website, you can easily determine the sort of information they provide and their niche. And typography plays an important role in determining that.

The arrangement of the content on the web page along with with the font used and other details that form the base of web designing are important mediums to communicate your message to your visitors. Hence make sure you get the assistance of the best web design company in India to choose the right font for your business website.

  • Font can entice readers

Believe it or not, but fonts can attract readers. The elementary way of using the typography commences by selecting the right font. Make sure it is as clean as possible so as it pleases eyes rather than straining them. Small sized and crummy fonts are a big no-no. The best way in which you can present your brand’s message is by relevant content written in a font that is easy to read.

As per the current digital framework, content still dominates to get better rankings and conversions. But with relevant content, you need the right font as well as it will help the readers to perceive the information you are trying to deliver from the text. Hire the professional services of the best web development company in India to ensure you make the right choice of font, its color and size. It is very important to attract the target audience.

  • Fonts also help in holding the audience’s attention

Typography surely helps in attracting the right audience. But how will you hold your attention for long? You need creativity for that and by the creativity we mean, to work on the content so as to create some interest for readers by captivating texts. For instance, instead of writing the whole thing in a font and making it look mundane, you can highlight the important text or make the best of the font by adding headers and titles. If you use the typography wisely, you can make your web page look more attractive for better engagement rates.

  • Fonts help in establishing information hierarchy

As hierarchy defines the levels or significance and roles in general, fonts can help in establishing the information hierarchy on the web page. It helps in categorizing the textual content as per their vitality. For instance, you can use a different font for the text that is most important.

For heading and highlighting the important topics, you can use a bigger font size. It will make the message clearer and even this make it easier for the audience as they now know the information that is relay significant for them.

In a nutshell:

By now you must have understood how significant font is for the website. Besides giving an attractive appearance to the website, it also helps in preserving the aesthetic value of your web content. Also, you can’t overlook the point that it helps in ensuring a great user experience which is very vital in digital space.

Font forms the base of the typography which is the key to the excellent web design. When people are visiting your website to seek more information; they will gradually be more inclined to textual content over graphics. Texts are major sources of information. Therefore while developing a website, we as the leading web developers in India ensures to create content that harmonizes both graphics and texts. As the leading web development company in India, we know how significant typography is for the website and hence always give it a priority in whole web designing process.

Hire the experts of the best web development company in India to ensure you make no mistakes when it comes to typography. It’s not just technical know-how but an art as well which include the content arrangement of the website, setting the right tone with it and present it in the utmost professional manner.

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