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Which One Should You Learn: Java Or Python?

While choosing for any language you must have an interest in that language that is the primary requirement. After that comes its scope and everything. Because if you don’t have an interest in a language you will definitely end up hating your job no matter how much money you are being paid.

You should first know your field of interest and things that excite you the most. Here I have mentioned only the major and important fields, you can choose any of them and accordingly choose the language required for that field.


1. ANDROID APPLICATIONS: Java is mainly used for Android applications. If you are interested in developing android apps or the games, the best language for you in this scenario would be Java. There are many applications of java, you can develop games and graphics using java.

The applet is one of the very important features of java which enables us to do many more things.

2. WEB APPLICATIONS: Java can also be used to develop web applications. Java is continuously improving it in every new edition. Java is completely object-oriented language and it totally inspired by real-life scenarios which make it easier to learn and implement. But it is also case sensitive and hence syntax has to learn properly. D Amies Technologies is one of the best web development company in Jaipur, India. They promise to deliver solutions that are 5X faster than their competitors.


1. DATA SCIENCE: It is a new growing field that is rapidly increasing with around 51% increase in job opportunities. So if you have an interest in data analysis you should definitely go for this one. Python is the major language that you should know for being a data scientist.

2. MACHINE LEARNING: It is a subset of AI and we all know how the field of AI is growing rapidly. There are many companies that are doing researches and improving their technologies using AI. If your interest lies in machine learning or AI you should learn and clear your concepts about python.

3. GAMES DEVELOPMENT: Python is also used in game development. Although for game development you can also use java and there is not much difference in both languages but if you looking for the easier language you can go for python. As in python syntax are not important, only logic is important.

Although Python is a rapidly growing language and nowadays many companies prefer people who know python but java is an older language and had proved its significance over the years. I would recommend you to choose the language purely on the basis of your interest field because both of them are great.

You can have amazing career options in both of them if you are really interested in any of them.

You can even learn both of them and then decide in which you would like to work or make projects or you can go for any other language that has got your attention but remember the only thing that matters is that your code effectively and efficiently.

Learning any programming language would be very fun if you are really interested in that language and this will make your work even more interesting and you will not regret taking up 9-5 jobs.

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